nwnesports final-02
Video games have been an excellent technology, that over the years, not only have evolved but have offered tireless hours of fun. In addition, through the stories and characters of the different video games, many people responsibly reflect their life stories, so they learn valuable life lessons. Therefore, it is a pleasure to announce the project “NWNESPORTS”, which consists of creating a gaming community or a family. The project will be based on competitive gaming among a large group of people. In addition, the project will offer special events, such as team travel to Six Flags, theme parks, and cinemas. Also, it is a pleasure to announce that being part and a member of this project will offer exclusive benefits, such as a free game per person. Are you ready to be part of an incredible gaming community? Are you ready to do fun stuff together? If so, do not wait any longer and join now!

  • competitive online gaming between other nwnesports teams
  • E3 live stream at a local event.
  • One free game to all team members.
  • Team travel to resorts, movies and much more  
  • Dedicated team and player website hosted by nwnhosting 
  • Nwnesports branded gaming console (selected teams)