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How did we come up with the name SDGM-NWN? sounds kind of stupid right? I could never agree with you more, well it all began with a favorite show of mine that I am sure you guys have heard of, it is called Dragon Ball Z (DBZ). I know I know you must be saying this guy is nuts but believe it or not, DBZ is why the Solano Dragon Game Master Network West nor (SDGM-NWN) name stands today. As a kid, every day after school, I ran to my house turned on the television just to watch DBZ. I used to pretend that I was a super Saiyan run around the house and everything. I even created an imaginary company named Dragon ball z network west nor (DBZ-NW) As I got older I decided hmm I would really like to create a company and I really like the name DBZ-NW but of course, I couldn’t use the DBZ name. I started thinking of names that could replace the DBZ-NW brand. A big bright light bulb popped right above my head. I said to myself, hmm my name is Crisskevin Solano why not have your last name in the company’s name Solano (S), you are a big fan of Dragon Ball Z so why not add the word Dragon to the name (D), you love to play video games so why not add games to the name (G), you sure love to be in control and be the master of everything so why not add master as well (M), you are creating relationships with others and networking so why not add network (N), here is the funny part, believe it or not the last two words (WN) is not actually a real word. (WN) stands for westnor one word, I know I know it doesn’t make sense but that is the whole idea, it doesn’t need to make sense. How in the hell did I come up with such a name? I am happy you ask and my answer is drumroll please there is really no answer. As a kid when I was running my imaginary business it was always called DBZ-NW so I wanted to keep the same flow, added to the new name and that is how the SDGM-NWN was born. The SDGM-NWN started in 2010 as a computer repair company. I used to tell all my family and friends “hey I fix computers for a good price and wow in less than 6 Months I had already fixed about 43 computers and made a good amount of money. I was impressed by what I had done and what I could become. So, another bright light bulb appeared why not get into the cloud and let the SDGM-NWN shine.